Why you need Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

A smile can change everything…

Your confidence. Your outlook. Your life. And with Invisalign, achieving the smile you always dreamed of doesn’t need to be a big deal. In fact, it barely needs to impact your everyday life the least bit.

Invisalign can straighten your teeth by using almost invisible, removable aligners that are customized specifically for your teeth & for you comfort. As you change every aligner by every 2 weeks, your teeth can move little by little, week by week, bit by bit moving towards the final position as decided. Comfortable, clear and removable Invisalign transforms your smile without disrupting your life. One thing that over three million people worldwide who have already experienced.

Are you ready for your new smile? Here at Mathesul Orthodontic & Dental Specialty Center we take care about your Smile to make it even more beautiful with all the modern techniques & with our experienced team of Dentists.

Comfort & Convenience 

Making the choice to straighten your teeth is {way} easier after you understand that Invisalign® treatment enables you to live your life the way you wish to. With Invisalign aligners, you ought not to worry concerning the gum and mouth irritation different teeth-straightening ways can cause.

Invisalign aligner trays don’t seem to be solely sleek and cozy to wear, however they are conjointly removable. Which means you’ll be able to continue doing all the things you commonly would, from brushing and flossing, to eating no matter you like. With alternative devices, brushing and flossing properly will usually take up to thirty minutes!

Special occasion coming up? No problem, simply take your aligners out for that time and pop them back in once you are prepared. Of course, even once you are wearing them, most of the people will not even recognize you are going through treatment, as a result of their nearly invisible!

Invisalign treatment is also very ideal for your busy schedule, with a very few doctor visits needed approximately each regular six weeks.

Living with Invisalign Aligners

One of the simplest things concerning Invisalign treatment is that the least impact it has on your daily life. Since the aligners are therefore comfy, you must be able to wear them for the suggested twenty to twenty two hours every day while not a lot of effort.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The aligners are simply removable, therefore you’ll be able to still brush and floss your teeth as you commonly would. Cleaning your aligners is just as simple with the Invisalign cleansing kit. Otherwise you can merely brush and rinse them in lukewarm water. That’s it! Achieving that nice smile could not be easier!


You’ll conjointly remove the aligners every time you eat. This implies you’ll be able to still eat all the foods you’re keen on without any restrictions or worrying regarding food getting stuck in your wires and brackets. With alternative teeth-straightening ways, the easy act of eating will usually be hard.

Playing Sports

For people who are active in-tuned sports, Invisalign clear aligners allow you to play without the concern of sharp brackets cutting your mouth. If your sport needs wearing a protecting mouth guard, merely take away your aligners and you are ready to go!

Easy Cleaning

Your bedtime routine will continue as before, with the easy addition of cleansing your aligners. You will not be battling trying to floss and brush in between brackets and wires, which may be long & time consuming.

Dr Aashish Mathesul

BDS, MDS, MEOS,(London)

Dr. Mathesul Dental & Orthodontic Specialty Centre in Kalyani Nagar, Pune is among one of the best dental clinics in Pune as we always work towards the goal of achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Our offerings contain a wide range of advanced dental services professionally and ethically. Our dental clinic is located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune where we have a team of expert consultants.

We’ve built our Practices on family-friendly comfortable dentistry! Dr. Mathesul entered dentistry with the aim to support people in achieving and maintaining good oral health. Being having enriched experience in dental & orthodontic industry, and known for delivering the highest standards of dentistry and personalized dental care services to the patients in Pune.

We are the best dental clinic in Pune due to the best result of dental treatment. We have a strong relationship with our patients as we understand the importance of a smile and hence we provide the best dentist treatment in Pune with user friendly and comfortable experience to each of our patients. Thanks to today’s technology and materials; just about anything necessary may be done to help our patients look, feel and live better with healthier

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