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dental Braces
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Dental Braces ; If you’re seeking straight teeth, Mathesul Orthodontic & Dental Speciality Center has choices and much of them at our Null Stop. If you’re 14-years-old or seventy-five, have a cross bite or an under bite, for the reason that you need an inconspicuous treatment.  Whereas you’ll be not the candidate for each treatment, and you’ll get to schedule a consultation to see what’s going to work best for you, you’ll probably have a couple of selections. Probably would really like to rock heart-shaped brackets with neon rubber bands, we’ve got you lined. We thought we’d make it simple with our orthodontic technology comparison chart to spotlight the pros and cons of the various kinds of orthodontic treatment.


Traditional Metal Braces

Dental braces are used for correcting crooked and crowded teeth, misaligned bite, and different jaw problems. Traditional braces have come a long way over the years currently, changing into sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable than before. And that’s actually a factor to smile about!
A traditional brace is an ordinary metal bracket that are adhered to your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wires. They need periodic adjustment therefore pressure will gradually straighten your teeth and align your jaws as needed. Whereas metal braces brackets are still the foremost common that are still accessible these days.

Used For: Kids, teens and adults
it straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite


  • Very cost effective & highly accurate
  • Treats the widest variety of cases including those that are complex & diificult
  • High-tech, shape memory arch wires & temperature sensitivity which means more comfortable and faster braces


  • Visible form of braces
  • Involves restrictions with food stuffs


Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are made of metal, because they’re not invisible, but they’re attached to the back of the teeth versus the front.  when you smile no one can see them.

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Mild to moderate crowding, good spacing, with overjet, cross-bite & under-bite


  • Completely invisible from the outside and the least noticeable of all of the braces varieties
  • Customizable with your teeth


  •  expensive
  • Harder to clean
  • Could take much longer to straighten the teeth
  • May not treat very severe cases
  • Longer office visits
  • Possible discomfort to tongue



Invisible braces, which is more commonly referred to as Invisalign clear aligners, are a set of clear, removable trays that are custom fitted with your teeth. You wear them for 18-22 hours a day and change your set as your teeth shifts. The orthodontist will evaluate your specific case and many types of bite discrepancies can be treated with Invisalign.

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite, openbite, an underbite


  • Virtually almost invisible
  • Comfortable and smooth
  • Removable for your convenience
  • No food restrictions
  • Very easy to maintain oral hygiene


  • May not work for all severe cases
  • Treatment may take a bit longer


Clear Braces

Clear brace are more pleasing than metal brace.  also that material is a bit more fragile than metal. That need accurate oral hygiene to remove any kind of stains.  so they can similarly cost a bit more than traditional metal braces.Ceramic braces are made of composite materials. They come in various levels of transparency so you can have ceramic braces that mimic the color of your natural teeth.

Best for: Teens and adults
Straightens: Crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite, and underbite


  • Less visible
  • Work faster
  • Treats with a wide variety of cases


  • Requires diligent oral hygiene as elastic ties on braces can stain easily
  • Involves food restrictions


How Long Does a Person Wear Braces?
For how long does one have to be compelled to wear braces depends on each individual’s case; however most of the people wear braces from one to three years usually. After that, people wear a retainer to make certain their teeth are held within the positions to that that they had been moved.

How should you take Care for your Braces?
Throughout the course of wearing braces, you may need to take very good care of them, which suggests eating healthy food well and avoiding foodstuffs that are hard, crunchy and sweet. Eating an excessive amount of sweet foods with braces will cause a build-up of plaque around the brackets, which might permanently stain or harm your teeth.

Emergency Care technique for Braces
Most of the times, once a wire or a bracket on your braces gets loose or breaks off probably it’s not an emergency.                                                                        because it may be uncomfortable if a bit is rubbing up against poke into your lips, gums or cheeks.



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