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What Is a Vivera Retainer?

A Vivera Retainer a clear aligner that you’d wear when obtaining your teeth straightened, whether by braces, with Invisalign’s program, or any teeth-straightening technique.

The Vivera Retainer a product from Invisalign that’s meant to take care of teeth that are aligned. Regardless of however your teeth were aligned, Vivera is built to keep your smile straight for a long time.

It’s a clear removable retainer that’s thicker and tougher than the typical Invisalign aligner. This would be a type of retainer after braces,    So instructions on when and for how long to wear it will be given to you. Usually, it will be at nights only or a few hours a day.

Vivera retainers are created applying 3D imaging, thermoplastic material, and Invisalign’s proprietary technology. This is the only retainer on the market that doesn’t require you to put your teeth into a pile of nasty glop.

If you select to travel with Vivera, you’ll get a set of four clear retainers that will keep your teeth straight.

Vivera Retainers Cost

Vivera Retainers are a small amount costlier than typical clear retainers you’d get when taking braces off. But there’s a good reason for that.

Vivera is nice for both Invisalign customers and non-customers. They can create your custom retainer from either your last Invisalign clear aligner or from a dental impression (for non-customers).

To get all of this, the cost varies from $400 to more than $1,000 for four sets of retainers. And you can get started right on Invisalign’s website.

How Long Do Vivera Retainers Last?

Vivera Retainers can last regarding three years if you retain them clean and guarded.

Because Vivera retainers are manufactured from a lot of more durable material (including advanced fabrication technology) they last longer than different clear retainers.

The Align laboratory found that the Vivera retainers — thanks to the thermoplastic material — are half-hour stronger than the leading retainers. And it’s because of that strength that they’re able to do such a good job at keeping your teeth in place for the long-run.

Other clear plastic retainers begin deforming or cracking once simply 2 months, much less time than Vivera Retainers, which can last about 3 years between all four sets.

How To Clean Vivera Retainers?

The best idea to clean your Vivera Retainer is to use some dish soap and lukewarm water, cleaning along with your fingers to get rid of any bacterium and spittle before it hardens.

Because retainers are something you’ll be wearing for a long time (maybe your whole life), you’ll want to take good care of them. That way, they’ll last as long as possible.

The first and most important thing is to clean your retainer. Wash it with lukewarm water and gentle soap, softly rubbing it with your fingers. You can additionally soak it in a dental appliance cleaner.

Do not brush it like you would your teeth — toothpaste and a toothbrush can be too harsh for it.


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