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When a tooth is decayed by dental caries,due to lack of dental hygiene ,root canal treatment procedure has to be done.when the decay reaches the dental pulp,the internal cleaning has to be done as shown in the root canal treatment procedure video here.the decayed tooth is usually painful to the extent that any painkiller medicine taken from the medical store stops working for good,only then a common man makes arrangement in his daily schedule to carry out the root canal procedure as shown in the video,with a dental specialist.we,at our center,have carried out over 1500 root canal treatment procedure s successfully by our MDS endodontist specialist.the root canal treatment procedure is carried out with propex II apex locators and rotary files from dentsply with anthogyr.as shown in the root canal treatment procedure ,the canal is filled with inert filling gutta percha,and then after the core build up and post,the proper teeth cap is put.the root canal treatment procedure shown here ,in the video,is a classical conventional root canal treatment procedure followed everywhere in the world,with successful outcome.the life of a tooth,after the root canal treatment procedure is usually 15 years plus,depending on the individual care and hygiene maintenance ,taken by the patient on a regular daily brushing,by brushing,flossing,and use of a mouthwash,in adequate amount,for the adequate time.the root canal treatment procedure is a safe,convenient comfortable method of saving a decayed tooth,without having to extract it immediately,and is advisable for patients of all ages,under medical supervision and expert dental care at our dental office in kalyaninagar pune,which is centrally located in the eastern part of pune.with the use of all high end dental technologies the root canal treatment procedure can be made with minimum discomfort,depending on the prevailing existing medical condition of the patient.

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