Dr. Mathesul Dental & Orthodontic Specialty Centre is famous for best Dental treatment in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. We are always at your service and just a minute away! We will always be there at your call which resulted into good relationship with the client. Read more what our patients says about us and our services.

Practo Reviews

Ms. Deepika (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Just Dial Reviews)

It was very good. I was searching for a doctor who can continue my pending treatment and I found Dr.Mathesul. He was ready to treat me beside my difficulties in my case of braces.

Mr. Sagar (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Google Reviews)

It was an amazing experience. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Had done RCT treatment for a wisdom tooth. Entire treatment was pleasant without any pain. My teeth pain has completely vanished now. Thanks a lot, Dr.

Mr. Ashish (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Google Reviews)

Had a very pleasant experience with the clinic. It was relatively a painless treatment and cost of the treatment was also fare in my opinion.

Mr. Vikram (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Practo Reviews)

The doctor was polite and good and my problem was explained to me. The prescribed treatment is fine and I can recommend to my friends. 

Mr. Ketan (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Practo Reviews)

I am 30 years, adult, opting for braces. Results have been astounding. Doc has exceptional skills in the art of dentistry.

Mr. Sudanshu (Verified Actual Patient - Courtesy Just Dial Reviews)

Dr. Aashish Mathesul is very good, the entire one and half year treatment were very smooth and hassle-free, the doctor explained each and every step of the treatment plan in detail as to why are we doing and what will the expected result be, I strongly recommended Dr. Aashish Mathesul for all kinds of orthodontic treatments.


Naafiya ullah (Verified Actual Patient)

Very professional. Takes a lot of time to address your individual concerns. Staff is very friendly too. The assistant dentist gave me the best and most thorough cleaning I've had in years.

Tom grey (Verified Actual Patient)

Good experience. Very professional in every way.dr will care till the finest problem. really all penny invested wisely here. will recommend everyone to take treatment here. don't fall in the trap of corporate dental clinics, if u want good treatment, no glamour.

Motu G (Verified Actual Patient)

Very good clinic. Did root canal treatment at affordable price.

Swati Ingavale (Verified Actual Patient)

Very clean & hygienic clinic!!  Cooperative staff. Overall very nice experience!!!

Ramkishor Joshi (Verified Actual Patient)

I had gone through lot of Dr.s but didnt get satisfactory results, but this one is quite good

Ambarish Mathesul (Verified Actual Patient)

This clinic is ISO9001:2008 certified and MDS dentists too. Also, I did zirconia crowns with American warranty cards and ceramic braces for the very good price. Truly quality ethical and affordable dental treatment here...I did a lot of research.

Kavita Gupta (Verified Actual Patient)

I 've had a great experience with Dr. Ashish Mathesul for my mother as well as my treatment. He extends a very calm, courteous and caring approach in his treatment explaining everything meticulously. Very happy to have such a wonderful dentist in him.

Divyesh Khambhatwala (Verified Actual Patient)

Today my wife did 1st sitting for the root canal and we found the doctor is very polite and answered our questions well manner. Also given the satisfaction of the treatment by giving a detailed process for the root canal and effects. The painless treatment, clean environment, and happy smile, that is all about Dr. Mathesul. Love to refer to all.

Obed Yimchunger (Verified Actual Patient)

It was a very satisfactory treatment with affordable and reasonable price. The clinic has all the latest technology facilities which make patients more comfortable and I can assure you that at the end of the treatment one can smile and say I AM HAPPY, thank you, Doctor! Practo Reviews Visited For a Toothache.

Ketan Waghmare (Verified Actual Patient)

Extremely friendly doctor. Always provide with great explanation. Affordable. You can see patients from all strata here. On time and great results. Great staff, especially the lady taking bookings always have a smile on her face. Possibly the best ortho dentist in Pune. Would give ten stars, given a choice.

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